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About Us

Better Quality-Faster Turnaround- Improved Profits.

Davidson Grinding is a surface grinding manufacturing company based in Bohemia, New York. We boast the surface grinding and quality worksmanship within the industry. We have developed proven grinding methods and best production practices to insure quality control, plant productivity and operational efficiencies. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer surface grinding of most materials to a wide range of industries.

Established over twenty years ago, Davidson Grinding immediately filled a market place for quality precision surface grinding. Our clients are using our services for the aerospace, automotive,chemical, electrical, military, printing, power generation and transportation industries.  Davidson Grinding provides surface grinding and quality workmanship to all of our customers.

Davidson grinidng has the technical knowledge and machine know how to grind aluminum, chromium, copper, nickel, titanium, exotic metals and all steels including 300,400 series, stainless, D2, M2 and tool steel. We will hold the precision both flat and parallel.

Our experienced people and unique grinding process can assist you in accomplishing your machining needs. Our manufacturing services including surface grinding up to 84" in diameter. We utualize blanchard grinding, double disc grinding, surface grindings and fine grit sanding machines. We believe that by partnering with Davidson Grinding you will achieve your financial and manufacturing objectives.

Company Profile

Jonathan Davidson

George Munoz
Vice President

Carol Davidon
Secretary and Treasurer 

George Munoz began his career in the grinding industry in 1982. His diverse experience in the grinding industry and his 35 years of manufacturing expeience has given him a unique set of skills to successfully manage Davidson Grinding. He understands the technical properties of various metals and process needed to machine parts to precision tolerances. He is a master grinding who provides his customer with quality work and honest turn around times.. His innovative skills and knowledge provides the best ground machine parts to our clients.

Our Mission

To provide the highest level of quality grinding and machined parts at a competitive and fair price.

Customer Service

To ensure developed customer relationships and continued service and product achievements through customer satisfaction in all business services, including: surface grinding, production capacity and scheduling, and quality control.

To achieve the highest level of professionalism and fairness in our relationships with our customers, suppliers, subcontractors, and associates.